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Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance - 5th Ed. [Paul Zarchan, 2007] (hardcover and CD)
Paul Zarchan
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Detailed Description

743 pgs, 2007, AIAA
ISBN 978-1563478741

This book attempts to lay the foundation for meeting the new challenges in tactical and strategic missile guidance. The principles of both are presented in common language, notation, and perspective. The mathematics, arguments, and examples presented in the text are intended to be nonintimidating so that the designers working in the strategic world will be able to understand and appreciate the difficulty of the strategic problem and vice versa.

Numerous examples are presented to illustrate all of the concepts presented in the text. In later chapters, examples are presented showing elementary ways in which tactical and strategic guidance principles can be combined. In this way the potential for a cross-fertilization of ideas, which is necessary for today's challenges in guidance technology, is increased.

Software included.


  1. Numerical Techniques
  2. Fundamentals of Tactical Missile Guidance
  3. Method of Adjoints and the Homing Loop
  4. Noise Analysis
  5. Covariance Analysis and the Homing Loop
  6. Proportional Navigation and Miss Distance
  7. Digital Fading Memory Noise Filter in the Homing Loop
  8. Advanced Guidance Laws
  9. Kalman Filters and the Homing Loop
  10. Other Forms of Tactical Guidance
  11. Tactical Zones
  12. Strategic Considerations
  13. Boosters
  14. Lambert Guidance
  15. Strategic Intercepts
  16. Miscellaneous Topics
  17. Ballistic Target Properties
  18. Extended Kalman Filtering and Ballistic Coefficient Estimation
  19. Ballistic Target Challenges

Appendix A: Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance Software
Appendix B: Units

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