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Small Satellites Past, Present and Future [Helvajian and Janson, 2009] (hardcover)
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Table of Contents
Ch. 1: The First Small Satellites: Sputnik, Explorer, and Vanguard
Ch. 2: The History of Small Satellites
Ch. 3: Clementine: The Rebirth of Smaller, High-Value Missions
Ch. 4: The Role of AMSAT in the Evolution of Small Satellites
Ch. 5: Origin of CubeSat
Ch. 6: Coalition Operationally Responsive Space: A "100 Satellite" Solution
Ch. 7: The United States Air Force Academy FalconSAT Small Satellite Program
Ch. 8: The United States Naval Academy Small Low-Cost APRS Satellites
Ch. 9: The Naval Postgraduate School Small Satellites Program
Ch. 10: The UK's First Nanosatellite—SNAP-1
Ch. 11: Microvariability and Oscillations of STars (MOST) Mission: Canada's First Microsatellite and Space Telescope
Ch. 12: TUBSAT: The Technical University of Berlin Satellite Program
Ch. 13: Proba: ESA's Series of Small Satellite Testbeds
Ch. 14: A Revolutionary Approach to Spacecraft Design, Production, and Operations: Orbital's MicroStar Satellite
Ch. 15: Japan's Small Scientific Satellite, "INDEX" (Reimei)
Ch. 16: Mini AERCam: The Miniature Autonomous Extravehicular Robotic Camera
Ch. 17: Developing and Maturing Microsatellite Formation Flight Technology
Ch. 18: A Mass-Producible Glass/Ceramic Micropropulsion Unit for a Co-Orbiting Satellite Assistant (COSA) Mission
Ch. 19: Toward Space-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
Ch. 20: Picosatellites at The Aerospace Corporation
Ch. 21: Small Satellite Mission Design and Operations
Ch. 22: Small Satellites: Space Debris and Reentry Hazards
Ch. 23: The Future of Small Satellites
Ch. 24: The Generation After Next: Satellites as an Assembly of Mass-Producible Functionalized Modules
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