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Land Observation by Remote Sensing Theory and Applications [Henk J. Buiten and Jan G.P.W. Clevers, 1993] (softcover)
Henk J. Buiten and Jan G.P.W. Clevers
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Detailed Description

642 pgs, 1993, Gordon and Breach Science Publishers
ISBN 978-2881249402

This textbook of principles and applications of remote sensing focuses more on the object than the sensor. While it formulates the requisite instrumentation and physics of electromagnetic waves at the university level and attempts to bridge the gap between optical and microwave concepts, its emphasis is remote sensing's use for monitoring land dynamics in agriculture, forestry, conservation, and environmental pollution. The editors integrated contributions from 26 experts with vivid color photographs, sharp line art and easily readable charts.


Part A: Theory

Topic I - Remote Sensing as a Source of Information

  1. General View of Remote Sensing as a Source of Information
  2. Remote Sensing as an Earth Viewing System
  3. Physical Characteristics of Remote Sensing Information
  4. General Aspects of Imaging and Recording of Remote Sensing Data
  5. Botanical Characteristics of Vegetation and Their Influence on Remote Sensing

    Topic II - Remote Sensing Data Acquisition Techniques
  6. Aerial Photography
  7. Multispectral Scanning
  8. Remote Sensing in the Microwave Region

    Topic III - Remote Sensing and Object Characteristics
  9. Spectral Signature and Modeling in the Reflective Optical Window
  10. Radar Backscatter of Crops
  11. Radar Signature and Forest Vegetation
  12. Radar Backscatter of Soils

    Topic IV - Image Analysis Techniques and Geographical Information System sin View of Remote Sensing
  13. Digital Image Interpretation
  14. Digital Image Processing
  15. Structural Pattern Recognition
  16. Geometrical and Mapping Aspects of Remote Sensing
  17. Geographical Information System Techniques for Linking Remote Sensing Images with Other Spatial Data

    Part B: Applications

    Topic V - Remote Sensing Applied to the Inventory and Monitoring of Agricultural Areas
  18. Remote Sensing and Crop Yield Prediction
  19. Crop Classification with Radar Data
  20. Agrohydrological Application of Remote Sensing
  21. Contribution of Remote Sensing to the Management of Water in Arid Areas

    Topic VI - Remote Sensing with Regard to Land Evaluation and Land Use
  22. Remote Sensing and Land Evaluation
  23. Remote Sensing in Engineering Projects

    Topic VII - Remote Sensing Applied to the Inventory and Monitoring of Natural Vegetation
  24. Remote Sensing and Nature Conservation
  25. Remote Sensing of Vegetation in (Semi-)Arid Regions

    Topic VIII - Remote Sensing Applied to the Inventory and Monitoring of Forests
  26. Forestry and Remote Sensing
  27. Potentials of Digital Radar Data of Forests in Temperate and Tropical Zones

    Topic IX - Remote Sensing Applied to the Monitoring of Environmental Pollution
  28. Remote Sensing and the Influence of Air Pollution on Plants
  29. Remote Sensing and Damage to Urban Trees
  30. Remote Sensing and Waste Deposits
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