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Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students - 2nd Ed. [Curtis, 2009] (hardcover)
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Curtis, a professor with many years of technical teaching experience (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ., FL), presents the foundations of orbital mechanics. The book has 11 chapters, four of which are optional, that concentrate on basic orbital mechanics, orbital maneuvers, and satellite mechanics. The reader should know calculus and be able to use computers with software packages in mathematics. A background in physics, dynamics, differential equations, vector notation, and linear algebra is presumed. The book contains worked-out problems and derivations in which each step is provided so that the reader does not have to puzzle over missing steps--an attractive feature. The reader can download copies of needed programs and obtain a solutions manual separately. Use of the five appendixes is often needed to address the information in the chapters. Figure quality is excellent and there is a 15-page index. This work is suitable for readers adequately prepared in mathematics and physics. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals. -- W. E. Howard III, formerly, Universities Space Research Association - July 2005, CHOICE.

Ch. 1: Dynamics of Point Masses;
Ch. 2: The Two-Body Problem;
Ch. 3: Orbital Position as a Function of Time;
Ch. 4: Orbits in Three Dimensions;
Ch. 5: Preliminary Orbit Determination;
Ch. 6: Orbital Maneuvers;
Ch. 7: Relative Motion and Rendezvous;
Ch. 8: Interplanetary Trajectories;
Ch. 9: Rigid-Body Dynamics;
Ch. 10: Satellite Attitude Dynamics;
Ch. 11: Rocket Vehicle Dynamics;
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