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Orbital Debris from Upper-Stage Breakup [Joseph P. Loftus Jr., 1989] (hardcover)
Joseph P. Loftus Jr. (Editor)
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227 pgs, 1989, AIAA
ISBN 978-0930403584

In Volume 121 of the Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics series, foreign and domestic space researchers discuss causes and prevention of the upper-stage breakups that have contributed substantially to the orbital debris problem. Ranging in size from dust specks to large fragments, these man-made rings around the planet present hazards serious enough to affect spacecraft or satellite design, and serious enough to warrant the two-day NASA conference from which these papers were harvested.


  1. Current Orbital Debris Environment
  2. Evolution of the Artificial Earth Satellite Environment
  3. Hypervelocity Impact and Upper-Stage Breakups

    Breakup Studies
  4. Preliminary Analysis of the Fragmentation of the Spot 1 Ariane Third Stage
  5. Explosive Fragmentation of Orbiting Propellant Tanks
  6. Characteristics of Satellite Breakups from Radar Cross Section and Plane-Change Angle
  7. Albedo Estimates for Debris
  8. Ariane-Related Debris in Deep-Space Orbit
  9. Potential Spot-1 R/B-Cosmos 1680 R/B Collision

    Control of Debris from Breakups
  10. Removal of Orbital Debris
  11. Cost Estimates for Removal of Orbital Debris
  12. Collision Probabilities in Geosynchronous Orbit and Techniques to Control the Environment

    Prevention of Breakups: Upper-Stage Operational Procedures
  13. Current Operational Practice for the Delta Second Stage
  14. Ariane Third Stage: Current Operational Practice and Modifications Expected
  15. Centaur Upper Stage
  16. Safing of H-1 Second Stage After Spacecraft Separation
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