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Liquid Rocket Engine Combustion Instability [Vigor Yang and William Anderson, 1995] (hardcover)
Vigor Yang and William Anderson (Editors)
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577 pgs, 1995, AIAA
ISBN 978-1563471834

In first book on subject since 1972, experts cover four major subject areas: engine phenomenology, fundamental mechanisms, analysis, and testing. Includes technical information from Russia and China. A result of a concerted effort by a core group of workers active in the field who believed there was a distinct need for more effective communication and an organized effort to deal with the technological problems associated with liquid rocket engine combustion instability.

Designed foremost to be a useful reference. Although it is tailored specifically to liquid rocket combustion instability, much of the material can also be applied to other types of liquid-fueled propulsion systems such as ramjets, gas turbine engines, diesel engines, and liquid-propellant guns. Since no book on unsteady combustion of liquid-fueled systems has been published as a research monograph in the past 20 years, with the exception of a few distantly related volumes on solid propellant combustion, workers in these areas may also find the volume useful and relevant.


Part 1: Instability Phenomenology and Case Studies

  1. Overview of Combustion Instabilities in Liquid-Propellant Rocket Engines
  2. Instability Phenomena in Liquid Oxygen/Hydrocarbon Rocket Engines
  3. Instability Phenomena in Liquid Oxygen/Hydrocarbon Rocket Engines
  4. Combustion Instability in the RD-0110 Engine
  5. Instability Phenomena in Earth Storable Bipropellant

Part 2: Fundamental Mechanisms of Combustion Instabilities

  1. Coaxial Injector Atomization
  2. Shear Coaxial Injector Spray Characterization
  3. Impinging Jet Injector Atomization
  4. Aerodynamic Effects on Primary and Secondary Spray Breakup
  5. Injector Flame Stabilization Effects on Combustion Instability
  6. Liquid-Propellant Droplet Vaporization: A Rate-Controlling Processing Instability
  7. Injector Flame Stabilization Effects on Combustion Instability
  8. Liquid-Propellant Droplet Vaporization : A Rate-Controlling Process for Combustion Instability
  9. High-Frequency Injection-Coupled Combustion
  10. Acoustic Waves in Combustion Chamber
  11. Experimental Procedures Aiding the Design of the Acoustic Cavities

Part 3: Combustion Instability Analysis

  1. Analytical Models for Combustion Instability
  2. Effects of Turbulence on Linear Acoustic Instability : Spatial Inhomogeneity
  3. Calculations of Combustion Response Profiles and Oscillations
  4. Numerical Analysis of Engine Instability
  5. Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics Techniques to Engine Instability Studies
  6. Full-Scale Component and Engine Stability Testing Using Spectral Analysis
  7. Scaling Techniques for Liquid Rocket Combustion Stability Testing
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