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Combustion Instabilities in Liquid Rocket Engines [Mark L. Dranovsky, 2007] (hard cover)
Testing and Development Practices in Russia
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"This is the first book in the literature to cover the development and testing practices for liquid rocket engines in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Combustion instability represents one of the most challenging problems in the development of propulsion engines. A famous example is the F-1 engines for the first stage of the Saturn V launch vehicles in the Apollo project. More than 2000 full engine tests and a vast number of design modifications were conducted to cure the instability problem. This book contains first-hand information about the testing and development practices for treating liquid rocket combustion-instability problems in Russia and the former Soviet Union. It covers more than 50 years of research, with an emphasis placed on the advances made since 1970. The book was prepared by a former R&D director of the Research Institute of Chemical Engineering, NIICHIMMASH, the largest liquid rocket testing center in the world, and has been carefully edited by three well-known experts in the field." Table of Contents
  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Acronyms and Abbreviations
  4. Chapter 1. Introduction
  5. Chapter 2. Terms and Definitions
  6. Chapter 3. Mechanisms of Transition from Noise to High-Frequency Oscillations or to Noise at a New Level
  7. Chapter 4. Uncertainty in Conversion of Propellant to Combustion Products
  8. Chapter 5. Studies of Operating Process Stability at Various Stages of Combustor Development
  9. Chapter 6. Quantitative Characteristics for Estimating Stability of LRE Combustion Chambers and Gas Generators
  10. Chapter 7. Acoustic Study of Combustion Chamber Stability Characteristics
  11. Chapter 8. Determination of Stability of Oscillations from Natural Disturbances
  12. Chapter 9. Evaluation of LRE Process Stability by use of Artificial Pressure Disturbances
  13. Chapter 10. Model Firing Tests for Selection of Injector Head Elements
  14. Chapter 11. Estimation of Operating Process Stability from Pressure Oscillation Decrements
  15. Chapter 12. Test Results for Pulsing Liquid-Liquid Chambers
  16. Chapter 13. Stability of Gas-Liquid Combustion Chambers
  17. Chapter 14. Gas-Liquid Combustion-Chamber Tests for Stability to Hard Excitation
  18. Chapter 15. Injector Head for RD-170 Engine Combustion Chamber
  19. Chapter 16. Stability Characteristics of Engines with Adjustable Injectors
  20. Chapter 17. Control of Stability in Production of Proton Engine
  21. References
  22. Bibliography
  23. Index
  24. Supporting Materials
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