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Allen's Astrophysical Quantities [Arthur N. Cox, 2000] (hardcover)
Arthur N. Cox
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Detailed Description

719 pgs, 2000 Springer/Verlag
ISBN 978-0387987460

A must have volume for any astronomer, this fourth edition has grown to more than twice the size of the previous editions in order to accommodate all the more recent developments in astronomy and astrophysics.

This reference is a compilation of the work of over ninety authors who worked over nine years. Recent advances in astrophysics and astronomical observations have provided a new understanding and an enormous amount of new data about our solar system, galaxies, galaxy clusters, and their emissions. New or greatly expanded chapters provide detailed tables of the most recent data covering the topics of radio, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma-ray and neutrino astronomy; stellar evolution; and cosmology.

Several chapters are also devoted to the general constants and units; atoms, molecules and spectra; observational and planetary astronomy; supernovae; stellar populations; and star clusters and quasars.


    1. Introduction
    2. General Constants and Units
    3. Atoms and Molecules
    4. Spectra
    5. Radiation
    6. Radio Astronomy
    7. Infrared Astronomy
    8. Ultraviolet Astronomy
    9. X-Ray Astronomy
    10. y-Ray and Neutrino Astronomy
    11. Earth
    12. Planets and Satellites
    13. Solar System Small Bodies
    14. Sun
    15. Normal Stars
    16. Stars with Special Characteristics
    17. Cataclysmic and Symbiotic Variables
    18. Supernovae
    19. Star Propulsions and the Solar Neighborhood
    20. Theoretical Stellar Evolution
    21. Circumstellar and Interstellar Material
    22. Star Clusters
    23. Milky Way and Galaxies
    24. Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei
    25. Clusters and Groups of Galaxies
    26. Cosmology
    27. Incidental Tables
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