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Where Do You Go After You've Been To The Moon? A Case Study of NASA's Pioneer Effort at Change [Francis T. Hoban, 1997] (hardcover)
Francis T. Hoban
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Detailed Description

223 pgs, 1997, Krieger Publishing
ISBN 978-0894640605

The author presents a detailed history of the changes in management attitudes at NASA after the Apollo moon landings. After the "Success at Any Cost" attitude of the Apollo missions, NASA had to come up with new programs, at the same time changing the way they approached them. This book presents the workshops and outlines of the new "cost-conscious" NASA.


  1. An Agency in Search of a Mission
  2. What We Really Need Is Low Cost Access to Space
  3. Let's Get Fresh Ideas on Cost Control
  4. We Had it About Right the First Time
  5. Standard Equipment: The Backbone of the Effort
  6. Changing the Way NASA Does Business
  7. Project Management Workshops: Doers Share Experiences
  8. Low Cost Workshop: A Gathering of Unbelievers
  9. Shared Experiences: A Renewed Training Effort
  10. Uncovering the NASA Culture
  11. NASA Payload Policy: Facing Risk
  12. Evaluation: Was it Worth the Effort
  13. Culture and Bureaucracy Clash with Low Cost
  14. Lessons Learned, ignored and Forgotten
  15. A New Way of Doing Business in Space
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