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Venus II: Geology, Geophysics, Atmosphere, and Solar Wind Environment [S.W. Bougher, D.M. Hunten, and R.J. Philips, 1997] (hardcover)
S.W. Bougher, D.M. Hunten, and R.J. Philips (Editors)
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1362 pgs, 1997, University of Arizona Press
ISBN 978-0816518302

From a special meeting convened to re-evaluate what is known about our neighbor after three decades of missions comes Venus II: Geology, Geophysics, Atmosphere, and Solar Wind Environment. The volume's 36 chapters offer the diverse, interdisciplinary views of Venus from more than 100 scientists on topics such as lightning, cloud chemistry, rock weathering, volcanoes and craters. The CD-ROM accompanying Venus II incorporates text, data, video clips and graphics s to supplement the wealth of information contained in this source.


Part I -- Solar Wind Environment

    1. The Venus Atmosphere and Ionosphere and Their Interaction with the Solar Wind: An Overview
    2. Global Models of the Solar Wind Interaction with Venus
    3. Magnetohydrodynamic Processes: Magnetic Fields in the Ionosphere of Venus
    4. Plasma Wave Phenomena at Venus
    5. Evidence for Venus Lightning

      Part II -- Upper Atmosphere
    6. Ionosphere: Solar Cycle Variations
    7. Ionosphere Energetics
    8. Solar Activity Behavior of the Thermosphere
    9. Upper Atmosphere Dynamics: Global Circulation and Gravity Waves

      Part III -- Lower Atmosphere
    10. Monitoring of Mesospheric Structure and Dynamics
    11. Near-Infrared Sounding of the Lower Atmosphere of Venus
    12. The Thermal Balance of the Venus Atmosphere
    13. Ion/Neutral Escape of Hydrogen and Deuterium Evolution of Water
    14. Chemistry of Lower Atmosphere and Clouds
    15. The General Circulation of the Venus Atmosphere: An Assessment

      Part IV -- Surface Processes
    16. Remote Sensing of Surface Processes
    17. Surface Scattering and Dielectrical Properties
    18. Aeolian Processes and Features on Venus
    19. Geochemistry of Surface-Atmosphere Interactions on Venus
    20. Rock Weathering on the Surface of Venus

      Part V -- Geologic Structure
    21. Physiography, Geomorphic/Geologic Mapping and Stratigraphy of Venus

      Part VI -- Volcanism
    22. Volcanoes and Centers of Volcanism on Venus
    23. Channels and Valleys

      Part VII -- Tectonism
    24. Tectonic Overview and Synthesis
    25. Large Volcanic Rises on Venus
    26. Ishtar Terra
    27. Plains Tectonics on Venus
    28. Coronae on Venus: Morphology and Origin

      Part VIII -- Impact Cratering
    29. Cratering on Venus: Models and Observations
    30. Morphology and Morphometry of Impact Craters
    31. The Resurfacing History of Venus

      Part IX -- Geodynamics
    32. Venusian Spin Dynamics
    33. The Venus Gravity Field and Other Geodetic Parameters
    34. Lithospheric Mechanics and Dynamics of Venus
    35. The Crust of Venus
    36. Mantle Convection and the Thermal Evolution of Venus
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