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US Space-Launch Vehicle Technology [Hunley, 2008] (softcover)
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Detailed Description

For nearly fifty years, a wide range of missiles and rockets has propelled U.S. satellites and spacecraft into the sky. J. D. Hunley's two-volume work traces the evolution of this technology, from Robert Goddard's research in the 1920s through the development of the Titan missiles and launch vehicles in the 1960s to the refinement of the space shuttle in the 1980s.

With the first book devoted primarily to military hardware and the second to launch vehicle hardware, Hunley offers a sweeping overview of these impressive engineering innovations as well as insights into the dynamic personalities responsible for them. Together, the two volumes offer a unique, invaluable history of rocketry that should appeal to a wide range of scholars and space buffs.

Table of Contents
Ch. 1: Viking and Banguard
Ch. 2: The Thor-Delta Family of Space-Launch Vehicles
Ch. 3: The Atlas Space-Launch Vehicle and Its Upper Stages
Ch. 4: The Scout Family of Space-Launch Vehicles
Ch. 5: Saturn I through Saturn V
Ch. 6: Titan Space-Launch Vehicles
Ch. 7: The Space Shuttle
Ch. 8: The Art of Rocket Engineering
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