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The Secret of Apollo [Stehen B. Johnson, 2002] (softcover)
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Detailed Description

This is a wonderful story and a great book. The issue is of maximum importance today, since NASA and other high-tech operations are replacing systems management with 'faster, better, cheaper' approaches to space flight, with decidedly mixed results. Skillfully interweaving technical details and fascinating personalities, Johnson tells the history of systems management in the U.S. and Europe. It is a very important work." -- Howard McCurdy, author of Inside NASA

Table of Contents
Ch. 1: Social and Technical Issues of Spaceflight
Ch. 2: Creating Concurrency
Ch. 3: From Concurrency to Systems Management
Ch. 4: JPL’s Journey from Missiles to Space
Ch. 5: Organizing the Manned Space Program
Ch. 6: Organizing ELDO for Failure
Ch. 7: ESRO’s American Bridge across the Management Gap
Ch. 8: Coordination and Control of High-Tech Research and Development
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