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The Satellite Communication Ground Segment and Earth Station Handbook - 2nd Ed. [Elbert, 2014] (hardcover)
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444 pgs, 2014, Artech House Publishers
ISBN 978-1608076734

This updated and expanded second edition reflects the state of earth station design and ground segment architecture. From international telephone network gateways to direct broadcast home receivers, today's broad range of ground systems and devices require satellite communication engineers and business managers to have a broad and sound understanding of the design and operating principles of earth stations and ground control facilities. This book explores the delivery end of the satellite link and its relationship to delivery of services. Authored by a leading authority in the field, the book provides engineers and managers with the knowledge they need to devise their own approach to implementing and managing earth stations and the overall ground segment. Readers find practical guidance in an array of critical areas, including: preparing requirements, performing preliminary analyses, reviewing hardware designs, managing the introduction of the overall ground segment, and more.


Ch 1: Introduction to the Satellite Communication Ground Segment
Ch 2: Earth Station Design Philosophy
Ch 3: Space-Ground Interface Requirements
Ch 4: Two-Way Communications Service Requirements
Ch 5: One-Way (Broadcast) Service Requirements for TV, Data and Audio
Ch 6: Ground Segment Baseband Architecture and Equipment
Ch 7: Earth Station RF Design and Equipment
Ch 8: Service Impairments and Service Optimization
Ch 9: Fixed and Mobile Users Terminals
Ch 10: Earth Station Facility and Design
Ch 11: Principles of Effective Operations and Maintenance
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