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The Nuclear Rocket [Dewar, 2009] (softcover)
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Presenting a fundamentally different way of thinking about space programs and the role of nuclear rockets, this study argues for space exploration to be opened up for use by the common man. Contending that all citizens can have personal access to space by using nuclear powered rockets and energy through a “free launch” program based on private funding, this discussion leads to vital debates and dialogues on the real utility, scope, and purpose of modern space programs. Displaying the inherently elitist and inequitable nature of chemical rocket space programs, this thorough and exhaustively researched presentation shows how privately funded nuclear rocket programs allow for an epoch-changing era in world history through space colonization.

1. Ideas and Themes
2. Six Propositions
3. Three Assumptions
4. If You Build It, We Will Launch It or The Free Launch
5. The Heavy Lifter Re-core Engine
6. Nuclear Disarmament, Non-Proliferation, Nuclear Energy and the Environment
7. Four Political Structures of Democratic Space
8. Szilard and World Peace: The Fraternal Space Regime
9. Summary and the Way Forward to the Legislature
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