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The Heavens and The Earth A Political History of the Space Age [Walter A. McDougall, 1997] (softcover)
Walter A. McDougall
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555 pgs, 1997, Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN 978-0801857485

McDougall's 1986 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for History presents the U.S., Soviet and European space programs as a comparison of public policy. He taps into declassified material, archives and published literature and interviews key participants in the historical space missions from Sputnik I to Apollo 11 to give the full picture of the space race, and point out the relationship between political leadership and technological development.


Part I -- The Genesis of Sputnik

  1. The Human Seed and Social Soil: Rocketry and Revolution
  2. Political Rains and First Fruit: The Cold War and Sputnik

    Part II -- Modern Arms and Free Men: America Before Sputnik
  3. Bashful Behemoth: Technology, The State, and the Birth of Deterrence
  4. While Waiting for Technocracy: The ICBM and the First American Space Program
  5. The Satellite Decision

    Part III -- Vanguard and Rearguard: Eisenhower and the Setting of American Space Policy
  6. "A New Era of History" and a Media Riot
  7. The Birth of NASA
  8. A Space Strategy for the United States
  9. Sparrow in the Falcon's Nest
  10. The Shape of Things to Come

    Part IV -- Parabolic Ballad: Krushchev and the Setting of Soviet Space Policy
  11. Party Line
  12. The Missile Bluff
  13. Hammers or Sickles in Space?
  14. Space Age Communism: The Krushchevian Synthesis

    Part V -- Kennedy, Johnson, and the Technocratic Temptation
  15. Destination Moon
  16. Hooded Falcons: Space Technology and Assured Destruction
  17. Benign Hypocrisy: American Space Diplomacy
  18. Big Operator: James Webb's Space Age America
  19. Second Thoughts

    Part VI -- The Heavens and the Earth: The First Twenty-five Years
  20. Voyages to Tsiolkovskia
  21. The Quest for a G.O.D.
  22. A Fire in the Sun
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