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The Farthest Shore [Pelton/Buckley, 2010] (softcover)
A 21st Century Guide to Space
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"Providing a synoptic look at the entire scope and vision of space exploration, this comprehensive reference covers the intercultural, artistic, and historical aspects of space travel as well as amazing new insights into where it might go in the future. All aspects of space technology are included in the guide, from how space can be used to deal with global warming to the latest in space tourism. Largely written in narrative form, the book assembles a variety of space experts—from astronauts and astrophysicists to space zoologists—to explain everything from human artistic achievement in space to the practical applications and business investment opportunities that space travel affords. Highly accessible, the reference draws authors from all over the world and is unique in its wide, thorough, and international approach to the subject of space exploration."am

Ch. 1: The Farthest Shore: A 21st Century Guide to Space
Ch. 2: Humans and Space, Stories, Images, Music and Dance
Ch. 3: Space Stories
Ch. 4: The Future of Space
Ch. 5: The Universe and Us
Ch. 6: Satellites in Service to Humanity
Ch. 7: Systems and Spacecraft
Ch. 8: Space Missions and Programs — Why and How we Go to Space
Ch. 9: Space Policy, Law and Security
Ch. 10: Life in Space for Life on Earth
Ch. 11: Creating Space Markets: Understanding the Economic Rationale
Ch. 12: The Meaning of it All
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