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Teleoperation and Robotics in Space [Steven B. Skaar and Carl F. Ruoff, 1994] (hardcover)
Steven B. Skaar and Carl F. Ruoff (Editors)
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Detailed Description

502 pgs, 1994, AIAA
ISBN 978-1563470950

This volume is intended to provide a unified source that deals with some of the principal technical issues associated with space robotics and the justification, design, and operation of existing and anticipated space robot systems. It is intended for a broad audience, including engineers, scientists, managers, policy makers, students, and anyone with interests in human-supervised space robots.

The book addresses a range of current topics of interest to both the general technical reader and the specialist. These topics include the human-machine interface, planning, perception, dynamics, control, and space robot system design and applications. Dynamics, control, and human-machine considerations, many of which are unique to the space environment, are discussed in detail.


Part 1: Introduction

  1. Overview of Space Telerobotics
  2. Economics of Automation in Space: Implications of Automated Versus Manned Operations

Part 2: Human-Machine Interface

  1. Human Enhancement and Limitation in Teleoperation
  2. Ground Experiments Toward Space Teleoperation with Time Delay
  3. Toward Advanced Teleoperation in Space
  4. Supervised Autonomy for Space Telerobotics

Part 3: Planning and Perception

  1. Automatic Planning in Robotic Applications
  2. Techniques for Collision Prevention, Impact Stability, and Force Control by Space Manipulators
  3. Versatile and Precise Vision-Based Manipulation

Part 4: Dynamics and Control

  1. Tutorial Overview of the Dynamics and Control of Satellite-Mounted Robots
  2. Reorientation of Free-Flying Multibody Structure Using Appendage Movement
  3. Transfer Functions of Flexible Beams and Implications of Flexibility on Controller Performance.
  4. Stability and Control of Robotic Space Manipulators

Part 5: Telerobot System Design and Applications

  1. Teleoperation: From the Space Shuttle to the Space Station
  2. Overview of International Robot Design for Space Station Freedom
  3. Use of Manipulators in Assembly of Space Station Freedom
  4. Space Station Robotics Task Validation and Training
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