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Space Weather Physics and Effects [Volker Bothmer and Ioannis Daglis, 2007] (hardcover)
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The editors present a state of the art overview on the Physics of Space Weather and its effects on technological and biological systems on the ground and in space. It opens with a general introduction on the subject, followed by a historical review on the major developments in the field of solar terrestrial relationships leading to its development into the up to-date field of space weather. Specific emphasis is placed on the technological effects that have impacted society in the past century at times of major solar activity. Chapter 2 summarizes key milestones, starting from the base of solar observations with classic telescopes up to recent space observations and new mission developments with EUV and X-ray telescopes (e.g., STEREO), yielding an unprecedented view of the Sun-Earth System. Chapter 3 provides a scientific summary of the present understanding of the physics of the Sun-Earth system based on the latest results from spacecraft designed to observe the Sun, the interplanetary medium and geospace. Chapter 4 describes how the plasma and magnetic field structure of the Earth?s magnetosphere is impacted by the variation of the solar and interplanetary conditions, providing the necessary science and technology background for missions in low and near earth? orbit. Chapter 5 elaborates the physics of the layer of the Earth?s upper atmosphere that is the cause of disruptions in radio-wave communications and GPS (Global Positioning System) errors, which is of crucial importance for projects like Galileo. In Chapters 6-10, the impacts of technology used up to now in space, on Earth and on life are reviewed. The book concludes with an outlook on the future of space weather research and projects in the timeframe until 2015.
Table of Contents
Ch. 1: Introduction
Ch. 2: Space Weather Forecasting Historically Viewed through the Lens of Meteorology
Ch. 3: The Solar and Interplanetary Drivers of Space and Storms
Ch. 4: The Coupling of the Solar Wind to the Earth's Magnetosphere
Ch. 5: Major Radiation Environments in the Heliosphere and their Implications for Interplanetary Travel
Ch. 6: Radiation Belts and Ring Currents
Ch. 7: Ionospheric Response
Ch. 8: Solar Effects in the Middle and Lower Stratosphere and Probable Associations with the Troposphere
Ch. 9: Space Weather Effects on Communications
Ch. 10: Space Weather Effects on Power Grids
Ch. 11: Space Weather Impacts on Space Radiation
Ch. 12: Effects on Spacecraft Hardware and Operations
Ch. 13: Effects on Satellite Navigation
Ch. 14: Forecasting Space Weather
Ch. 15: Outlook
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