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Space Warfare: Strategy, Principles and Policy [Klein, 2006] (softcover)
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Detailed Description

This new study considers military space strategy within the context of the land and naval strategies of the past.
Explaining why and how strategists note the similarities of space operations to those of the air and naval forces, this book shows why many such strategies unintentionally lead to overemphasizing the importance of space-based offensive weaponry and technology.
Counter to most U.S. Air Force doctrines, the book argues that space-based weapons don’t imbue superiority. It examines why both air and naval strategic frameworks actually fail to adequately capture the scope of real-world issues regarding current space operations. Yet by expanding a naval strategic framework to include maritime activities—which includes the interaction of land and sea—the breadth of issues and concerns regarding space activities and operations can be fully encompassed.

Table of Contents
Ch. 1: Where we are and where we're going
Ch. 2: Contemporary space strategies
Ch. 3: Maritime strategic principles
Ch. 4: Space is tied to national power
Ch. 5: Space operations are interdependent with others
Ch. 6: Celestial lines of communication
Ch. 7: Command of space
Ch. 8: Strategy of offense and defense
Ch. 9: Strategic positions
Ch. 10: Blocking
Ch. 11: Space as a barrier
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