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Space Vehicle Design [Michael D. Griffin and James R. French, 2004] (hardcover)
Michael D. Griffin and James R. French
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Detailed Description

665 pages, 2004, 2nd edition,AIAA

This book is suitable for senior-level courses in aerospace engineering and is a useful reference for the practicing aerospace engineer. The text incorporates several different engineering disciplines that must be considered concurrently as a part of the integrated design process and optimization. It also gives an excellent description of the design process and its accompanying tradeoffs for subsystems such as propulsion, power sources, guidance and control, and communications.

The text starts with an overall description of the basic mission considerations for spacecraft design, including space environment, astrodynamics, and atmospheric re-entry. Then the various subsystems are discussed, and in each case both the theoretical background and the current engineering practice are fully explained. Thus the reader is exposed to the overall systems-engineering process, with its attendant conflicting requirements of individual subsystems.

Space Vehicle Design reflects the authors' long experience with the spacecraft design process and embodies a wealth of information for designers and research engineers alike. But most importantly, it provides the fundamental knowledge for the space systems engineer to evaluate the overall impact of candidate design concepts on the various component subsystems and the integrated system leading to the final design selection. With the national commitment to space exploration, as evidenced by the continuing support of the Space Station and the National Aero-Space Plane programs, this new text on space system engineering will prove a timely service in support of future space activities.


  1. Introduction
  2. Mission Design
  3. Environment
  4. Astrodynamics
  5. Propulsion
  6. Atmospheric Entry
  7. Attitude Determination and Control
  8. Configuration and Structural Design
  9. Thermal Control
  10. Power
  11. Telecommunications
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