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Space Rescue: Ensuring the Safety of Manned Spaceflight [Shayler, 2009] (softcover)
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"In Space Rescue: Ensuring the Safety of Manned Spacecraft, author David J. Shayler reviews the development of crew survival and escape methods from the earliest designs of manned spacecraft to the current discussions of systems for ISS and on to the future prospect of sending men and women out towards Mars.

David Shayler reviews the numerous proposed systems of crew rescue and also analyses the adopted systems of ejection seats, escape towers and abort profiles during the ascent from Earth to space, including the safety requirements and contingency procedures available during various mission profiles to get the crew safely back to Earth. The author also examines the various wilderness training programs and abort simulations used to help prepare the crews for almost any unplanned and emergency contingency they may face during their mission."

1. STS-107: Rescue or Repair?
2. Space: A final frontier
3. Training to survive
4. Pad escape
5. Launch escape, 1: Escape towers
6. Launch escape, 2: Ejection seats
7. Away from Earth
8. Return to Earth
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