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Spacecraft Propulsion [Charles D. Brown, 1996] (hardcover)
Charles D. Brown
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Detailed Description

224 pgs, 1996, AIAA
ISBN 978-1563471285

This companion to Brown's Spacecraft Mission Design emphasizes the fundamentals of spacecraft propulsion design from the systems engineering viewpoint, including subsystems such as propellants, pressurization, and thrust vector control. Vehicle launch propulsion and a general history of rocket propulsion are included, but the main focus is on spacecraft propulsion and all the equipment required to generate thrust. AIAA's PRO propulsion design software is included to allow readers to perform hands-on, real-life computations, and to enhance the book's value as a self-teaching tool.


  1. Introduction
  2. Theoretical Rocket Performance
  3. Propulsion Requirements
  4. Monopropellant Systems
  5. Bipropellant Systems
  6. Solid Rocket Systems
  7. Cold-Gas Systems

    Appendix A: PRO: AIAA Propulsion Design Software
    A.1 Introduction to PRO
    A.2 Quick Tour of PRO: AIAA Propulsion Design Software
    A.3 The Main Menu
    A.4 Propulsion Requirements
    A.5 Rocket Engine Design
    A.6 Pulsing Engine Performance
    A.7 Blowdown System Performance
    A.8 System Weight Statement
    A.9 Utilities
    A.10 Sample Problems
    A.11 Hard Drive Installation

    Appendix B: Propulsion Design Data
    B.1 Conversion factors
    B.2 Propellant Properties
    B.3 PRO: Files
    B.4 Planetary Data

    Appendix C: Glossary
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