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Spacecraft Mission Design - 2nd Ed. [Charles D. Brown, 1998] (hardcover)
Charles D. Brown
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Detailed Description

210 pgs, 1998, AIAA
ISBN 978-1563472626

Brown's book aims primarily to make spacecraft mission design clear enough to be self taught. He employs elementary mathematics and generally avoids derivations to take the shortest route to practical understanding, and keeps the book thin enough to fit in a briefcase by focusing on the most necessary tools for Phase A- and Phase B-level design studies. The book includes AIAA's ORB Mission Design Software and plenty of ready reference material for working professionals and college students.


  1. Introduction
  2. Two-Body Motion
  3. Orbital Maneuvers
  4. Observing the Central Body
  5. Special Earth Orbits
  6. Interplanetary Missions

    Appendix A: ORB: AIAA Mission Design Software
    A.1 Introduction to ORB
    A.2 Quick Tour of ORB: AIAA Mission Design Software
    A.3 Main Menu
    A.4 Orbit Definition
    A.5 Parameters at a Point
    A.6 Ground Track
    A.7 Plane Changes
    A.8 Perturbations
    A.9 Utilities
    A.10 Selecting the Central Body
    A.11 Sample Problems
    A.12 ORB Reports
    A.13 Accuracy
    A.14 Hard Drive Installation
    A.15 Setup Program
    Appendix B: Mission Design Glossary
    Appendix C: Mission Design Data
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