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Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control [Vladimir A. Chobotov, 1991] (hardcover)
Vladimir A. Chobotov
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Detailed Description

140 pgs, 1991, Krieger Publishing
ISBN 978-0894640315

This book is the outgrowth of the author's many years of professional activities in the field of spacecraft dynamics and orbital mechanics. The book is a comprehensive and self-contained treatment of the fundamentals of kinetics, rigid body dynamics, linear control theory, orbital environmental effects, and an introduction to the theory of the stability of motion. It is a "road map" in the field of spacecraft dynamics and control.

Application of the theoretical developments is illustrated by numerous examples of actual spacecraft. Spin, dual-spin, three-axis drive, re-action wheel, control movement gyro, gravity gradient, and magnetic control systems are described. Topics such as active nutation damping (with gas jets and accelerometer sensing), separation dynamics of spinning bodies, and tethers in space (including deployment methods and elastic effects) are also considered. Environmental effects stemming from gravitation, solar radiation, aerodynamics, and geomagnetics are described in sufficient detail for understanding and practical application purposes. Thus, a good balance between theory and application has been achieved within a single volume treating many aspects of spacecraft dynamics and control.


  1. Kinetics and Dynamics of Angular Motion
  2. Spin Stabilization
  3. Dual-Spin Stabilization
  4. Three-Axis Active Control
  5. Momentum Exchange Systems
  6. The Environmental Effects
  7. Passive Gravity Gradient Stabilization
  8. Magnetic Stabilization Methods
  9. Stability of Motion

    Appendix A: Problem Sets
    Set 1: Kinetics
    Set 2: Dynamics
    Set 3: Control Theory
    Set 4: Gravity Gradient, Stability, and Magnetic Stabilization

    Appendix B: Nomenclature
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