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Space Biology and Medicine III: Humans in Spaceflight (Vol. 1 and 2) [Antipov, Grigoriev and Huntoon, 1997] (hardcover)
Carolyn S. Leach Huntoon, Vsevolod V. Antipov, and Anatoliy I. Grigoriev (Editors)
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Detailed Description

608 pgs, 1996, AIAA
ISBN 978-1563471803

Humans in Space Flight is the third in a five-volume space biology series produced jointly by NASA and the Russian Academy of Sciences. The two-book volume describes experimental and observational data and hypotheses emphasizing human adaptation to altered gravity in the first book and acceleration, radiation, and psychological stress in the second. New information covers extravehicular activities, pharmacodynamics, cosmic rays, and conduction of medical investigations in space. The set concludes with a chapter on mathematically modeling spaceflight effects on physiological systems.


Part I: Biological Effects of Gravity
  1. Principles of Gravitational Biology
  2. Major Results from Biological Experiments in Space
Part II: Microgravity Effects on Humans
  1. Cardiovascular and Cardiorespiratory Function
  2. Endocrine System and Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
  3. Blood Volume and Hemopoiesis
  4. Immune System
  5. Neurosensory and Sensory-Motor Function
  6. Metabolism
  7. Digestion and Absorption
  8. Muscle Structure and Metabolism
  9. Skeletal System
  10. Microgravity Mechanisms and Models
Part III: Acceleration
  1. Sustained Linear Acceleration
  2. Impact Acceleration
  3. Angular Acceleration
  4. Artificial Gravity
Part IV: Space Radiation
  1. Ionizing Radiation
  2. Nonionizing Radiation
Part V: Psychological Stress
  1. Psychological States and Group Interactions of Crew Members in Flight
  2. Psychological Prophylaxis and Treatments for Space Crews
Part VI: Combined Effects of Factors
  1. Analyzing the Combined Effects of Multiple Spaceflight Factors
Part VII: Results of Medical Investigations in Spaceflights
  1. Short-Term Flights
  2. Long-Term Flights
  3. Extravehicular Activities
  4. Pharmaceuticals in Flight
  5. Mathematical Modeling of Physiological Stress
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