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Shooting for the Moon [Berman, 2007] (hardcover)
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Detailed Description

Product Description
An accessible yet detailed history of the American space program, from its inception and moon missions to the present day and future.

From the Inside Flap

Human beings have always looked spaceward with wonder, envisioning travels that embarked upon the final frontier. While notions of traveling to “outer space” were the stuff of science fiction at the beginning of the twentieth century, a dizzying rate of scientific advances saw these dreams become reality by mid-century. Shooting for the Moon tells the fascinating story of the NASA space program, focusing on the ambitious Apollo program and how humans took their first steps off of planet Earth.

While it was an unprecedented growth in technological capabilities that made space travel possible, the real stars in the story of spaceflight were the people themselves. Bob Berman introduces us to these space pioneers: to the celebrated “Original Seven” of the Mercury program; to Wally Schirra, the rebel astronaut who bucked mission control; to Frank Borman, commander of the pivotal Apollo 8 mission; and to many others. He takes us into the cockpit during the fatal moments of the Apollo 1 disaster; recounts the unspoken rivalry between Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first two men to walk on the moon; and reveals how White House politics have shaped the space program throughout the years. As the United States looks ahead once again to further missions into space, Shooting for the Moon provides an essential look at the daring history of human spaceflight.
Table of Contents
Ch. 1: Dreams of the Moon
Ch. 2: Kennedy's Plan: No Choice
Ch. 3: The Saturn V
Ch. 4: Who Will Volunteer to Live on the Moon?
Ch. 5: The Originals
Ch. 6: Someday Alice. Pow! Straight to the Moon
Ch. 7: The Twins
Ch. 8: Close Call — and a Cigar
Ch. 9: Appollo's Logic
Ch. 10: Personal Risk
Ch. 11: The Horrible Deaths of Missions AS-501
Ch. 12: The Appollo's Logic
Ch. 13: Insubordination
Ch. 14: First to the Moon
Ch. 15: Voyage to Oblivion
Ch. 16: Why Them?
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