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Selling Peace [Manber, 2009] (softcover)
Inside the Soviet Conspiracy that Transformed the U.S. Space program
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Detailed Description

Ch. 1: Knocking on the Soviet's Door
Ch. 2: Perestroika in Orbit
Ch. 3: Tricking State and NASA
Ch. 4: The World Turns Upside Down
Ch. 5: The Mir Really Exists
Ch. 6: Aren't Two Routes Better Than One?
Ch. 7: Joining the Space Mafia
Ch. 8: NASA Signs with Energia. Maybe.
Ch. 9: Propping up the Russian Space Agency
Ch. 10: NASA Buys Mir Services
Ch. 11: The Competition Virus
Ch. 12: With Semenov
Ch. 13: 50th Anniversary Bash
Ch. 14: Fear Beneath the Petrified Salami
Ch. 15: Rick's Audacious Plan
Ch. 16: If You Can't Buy, then Lease
Ch. 17: The Merchants of Space
Ch. 18: Risky Business
Ch. 19: Time to Bottom Fish
Ch. 20: But No One Believes In Success
Ch. 21: Anderson's Seven Million Dollar Call
Ch. 22: NASA's Worst Nightmare
Ch. 23: Derechin is Worried
Ch. 24: At Least the Communists Are Happy
Ch. 25: The Mir is Saved!
Ch. 26: Some Get It, Some Don't
Ch. 28: The Flyboys of MirCorp
Ch. 29: Citizen Explorers
Ch. 30: Reality TV Space Race
Ch. 31: 2001, Our Space Odyssey
Ch. 32: Into the Watery Grave
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