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Safe Is Not an Option [R. E. Simberg, 2013] (softcover)
Rand E. Simberg
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242 pgs, 2013, Interglobal Media LLC
ISBN 978-0989135511

This book entertainingly explains why this means that we must regulate passenger safety in the new commercial spaceflight industry with a lighter hand than many might instinctively prefer, that NASA must more carefully evaluate rewards from a planned mission to rationally determine how much should be spent to avoid the loss of participants, and that Congress must stop insisting that safety is the highest priority, for such insistence is an eloquent testament to how unimportant they and the nation consider the opening of this new frontier.

Ch. 1: The Hazards Of Exploration And Settlement
Ch. 2: The Death Toll From Transportation
Ch. 3: The Initial Space Age
Ch. 4: The Age Of Reusability
Ch. 5: The Safety Irrationality Of Constellation
Ch. 6: Our Irrational Approach To ISS Safety
Ch. 7: The Hubble Repair Saga
Ch. 8: Safety For NASA In LEO Going Forward
Ch. 9: Safety For Commercial Spaceflight
Ch. 10: Conclusions And Recommendations
Appendix A: The Gov. Manned Space Program
Appendix B: The Space Senate Launch

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