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Rocketbelt Pilot's Manual [Suitor, 2009] (softcover)
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"The rocketbelt—a device designed by Bell Aerosystems in the 1960s to be a tactical rescue vehicle for the United States Army—is described here for the first time by one of the machine’s original test pilots. Covering everything from service and fueling to step-by-step directions for use, the guide also includes an in-depth technical background of the flying device and a detailed, easily accessible explanation of the science behind jet propelled flight." Accompanied with photos of each distinct component of the machine and an explanation as to how the parts relate to one another, this unique guide answers more than four decades worth of questions on the rocketbelt and ultimately encapsulates the sheer excitement of flight from a man who experienced it firsthand."amaz

1. Introduction
2. A Brief History of the Rocket Belt
3. Other Rocket Belt Developments
4. Rocket Relationships
5. Rocket Fuel - Hydrogen Peroxide
6. The Engine
7. Evolution of the Rocket Belt's Controls
8. The Corset and Straps
9. Fuel System
10. The Throttle
11. The Timer
12. Basic Flight Maneuvers
13. Pre-Flight Checks
14. Fueling the Belt
15. The Tether System
16. Tethered Flights
17. Free Flight
18. Fine-Tuning Your Flights
19. A Nice Demo Flight
20. Conclusion
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