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Robust Engineering Design by Reliability - Vol. 1 [Dimitri Kececioglu, 2003] (hardcover)
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The first book to provide an advanced methodology to achieve optimum designed-in reliability of products and components, this updated volume is clearly illustrated by worked, practical examples. Specific applications feature mechanical components and structural members widely used today. The implementation of this methodology will enable the engineer to design products and components with superior reliability, maintainability, safety, and value.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Fifteen-Step Reliability Prediction and the "Robust Engineering Design by Reliability" Methodology
Chapter 3: The Central Limit Theorem, And The Moments And The Monte Carlo Simulation Methods Of Synthesizing Distributions
Chapter 4: Methods of Determining the Failure Governing Stress Distribution
Chapter 5: Methods of Determining the Failure Governing Strength Distribution
Chapter 6: Illustrated Methods of Calculating the Reliability of Components
Chapter 7: Determination of the Designed-In Reliability Confidence Limit at A Specified Confidence Level
Chapter 8: Unreliability and Reliability Determination by the Stress/Strength Distributions' Interference Approach
Chapter 9: A Unified Look At Design Safety Factors, Safety Margins And Measures Of Reliability
Chapter 10: Comparative Accuracy of Evaluating Reliability Using Simpson's Rule, the Trapezoidal Rule and the Gauss-Legendre Method
Chapter 11: Exact and Easy To Obtain Solutions for the Prediction of the Reliability of Mechanical Components and Structural Members
Chapter 12: Numerical Solutions for the Prediction of the Reliability of Mechanical Components and Structural Members When Closed Form Solutions Are Not Available
Chapter 13: Monte Carlo Simulation Method for Reliability Determination
Chapter 14: Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis
Chapter 15: Additional Applications of These Methodologies
Chapter 16: Application Guidance for These Methodologies
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