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Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis - 4th Ed. [John A. Richards and Xiuping Jia, 2006] (hardcover)
John A. Richards and Xiuping Jia
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Detailed Description

4th Edition, 476 pgs, 2006, Springer
ISBN 978-3540251286

This book provides the non-specialist with an introduction to quantitative evaluation of satellite and aircraft derived remotely retrieved data. Each chapter covers the pros and cons of digital remotely sensed data, without detailed mathematical treatment of computer based algorithms, but in a manner conductive to an understanding of their capabilities and limitations. Problems conclude each chapter. The revisions in this, the third edition of the text, reflect the developments in satellite and sensor programs as well as new processing techniques. A new chapter addresses hyperspectral image processing, and chapter twelve has been completely rewritten to focus on data fusion.


    1. Sources and Characteristics of Remote Sensing Image Data
    2. Error Correction and Registration of Image Data
    3. The Interpretation of Digital Image Data
    4. Radiometric Enhancement Techniques
    5. Geometric Enhancements Using Image Domain Techniques
    6. Multispectral Transformations of Image Data
    7. Fourier Transformation of Image Data
    8. Supervised Classification Techniques
    9. Clustering and Unsupervised Classification
    10. Feature Reduction
    11. Image Classification Methodologies
    12. Data Fusion
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