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Preservation of Near-Earth Space for Future Generations [John A. Simpson, 1994] (hardcover)
John A. Simpson (Editor)
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250 pgs, 1994, Cambridge University Press
ISBN 978-0521445085

In this clearly written, non-technical volume, worldwide specialists address technical, economic, and legal issues involved in preserving near-Earth space as man-made debris becomes a critical problem. The views represent the interests of all the major spacefaring nations as well as NASA and the Department of Defense, and range from assessment of the problem to enforcement of multinational solutions.


Section I - Introduction
  1. Introduction

    Section II - Defining the Problem
  2. The Earth Satellite Population: Official Growth and Constituents
  3. The Current and Future Environment: An Overall Assessment
  4. The Current and Future Space Debris Environment as Assessed in Europe
  5. Human Survivability Issues in the Low Earth Orbit Space Debris Environment
  6. Protecting the Space Environment for Astronomy
  7. Effects of Space Debris on Commercial Spacecraft - The RADARSAT Example
  8. Potential Effects of the Space Debris Environment on Military Space Systems

    Section III - Mitigation of and Adaptation to the Space Environment: Techniques and Practices
  9. Precluding Post-Launch Fragmentation of Delta Stages
  10. U.S. International and Interagency Cooperation in Orbital Debris
  11. ESA Concepts for Space Debris Mitigation and Risk Reduction
  12. Space Debris: How France Handles Mitigation and Adaptation
  13. Facing Seriously the Issue of Protection of the Outer Space Environment
  14. Space Debris - Mitigation and Adaptation
  15. Near Earth Space Contamination and Counteractions
  16. The Current and Future Space Debris Environment as Assessed in Japan
  17. Orbital Debris Minimization and Mitigation Techniques

    Section IV - Economic Issues
  18. In Pursuit of a Sustainable Space Environment: Economic Issues in Regulating Space Debris
  19. The Economics of Space Operations: Insurance Aspects

    Section V - Legal Issues
  20. Environmental Treatymaking: Lessons Learned for Controlling Pollution of Outer Space
  21. Regulation of Orbital Debris - Current Status
  22. Who Should Regulate the Space Environment: The Laissez-Faire, National, and Multinational Options

    Section VI - A Multilateral Treaty
  23. Orbital Debris: Prospects for International Cooperation
  24. Preservation of Near Earth Space for Future Generations: Current Initiatives on Space Debris in the United Nations
  25. A Legal Regime for Orbital Debris: Elements of a Multilateral Treaty

    Section VII - Panel Discussions
  26. Panel Discussion led by Diane Wood
  27. Panel Discussion led by Paul Uhlir
  28. Suggested Further Reading on Orbital Debris
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