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Pluto and Charon [S. Alan Stern, David J. Tholen, 1997] (hardcover)
S. Alan Stern, David J. Tholen (Editors)
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756 pgs, 1998, University of Arizona Press
ISBN 978-0816518401

Fifty authors contributed historical and scientific information about our solar system's most distant planet and its satellite to this volume of the Space Science series, including Pluto's and Charon's discoverers, Clyde Tombaugh and James Christy. They review the latest research as well as observational and theoretical discoveries aided by recent improvements in computation and instrumentation -- most notably the Hubble Space Telescope. Subject matter includes Pluto's and Charon's bulk properties, surfaces, interiors, atmospheres, compositions, and dynamics.


Part I - Historical Perspective

  1. The Prediction and Discoveries of Pluto and Charon
  2. The First 50 Years of Pluto-Charon Research
  3. Mutual Events and Stellar Occultations
  4. Spacecraft Missions to Pluto and Charon

Part II - Dynamics

  1. Pluto's Heliocentric Orbit
  2. Dynamics of the Pluto-Charon Binary
  3. Bulk Properties of Pluto and Charon
  4. The Surfaces of Pluto and Charon
  5. Surface Appearance of Pluto and Charon
  6. Composition, Internal Structure, and Thermal Evolution of Pluto and Charon

Part IV - Atmospheres

  1. Atmospheric Structure and Composition: Pluto and Charon
  2. Chemical Models of Pluto's Atmopshere
  3. Volatile Transport, Seasonal Cycles, and Atmospheric Dynamics on Pluto
  4. Escape Processes at Pluto and Charon
  5. Pluto's Interaction with the Solar Wind

Part V - Perspectives

  1. The Population of the Trans-Neptunian Region
  2. On the Origin of Pluto, Charon, and the Pluto-Charon Binary
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