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On-Orbit Servicing of Space Systems [Donald M. Waltz, 1993] (hardcover)
Donald M. Waltz
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283 pgs, 1993, Krieger Publishing
ISBN 978-0894640025

This book is an all-encompassing look at on-orbit satellite servicing. It addresses technical, programmatic, and economic servicing issues. Donald Waltz suggests that three things are central to building a successful national servicing program: The ability to access space systems with servicing capability; the ability of space systems to be serviced; and the ability to create a national plan encompassing the interests and needs of NASA, DoD, and the commercial world.

The author traces the development of shuttle servicing concepts from both manned and unmanned perspectives. Space Station Freedom will provide a permanent repair base in orbit and is highlighted as yet another step in the evolution and maturation of space exploration. Robotics usage and orbital maneuvering are explored in depth. Concepts of common interfaces, standard services and tools, and common hardware for cost-effective logistics are discussed at length.

This book traces the history of orbital servicing; shows the status of servicing today; then presents information on mission operations, spacecraft design, servicing equipment, and benefits/economics. The final chapter depicts a possible road map to future orbital servicing as a national capability.

The book makes the points that:

  • On-orbit satellite servicing is technically feasible
  • Space servicing will support and benefit a wide range of NASA, DoD, commercial and international missions.
  • The Space Shuttle and the Space Station Freedom can and must play vital roles in developing a national satellite servicing capability.
  • Satellite servicing, to be successful, must be a two-way street.


    1. Foreword
    2. Preface
    3. On-Orbit Satellite Servicing Background
    4. Status of Satellite Servicing
    5. Mission Operations
    6. Orbital Maneuvers
    7. Steps to Spacecraft Design
    8. Serviceable Spacecraft
    9. Manned Servicing
    10. Automated Servicing
    11. Benefits and Economics
    12. Road Map to On-Orbit Satellite Servicing

      Appendix A: Acronyms and Glossary
      Appendix B: SAMS Study Summery
      Appendix C: On-Orbit Servicing Checklist
      Appendix D: Add-A-Pod Concept
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