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Neptune and Triton [D.P. Cruikshank, 1995] (hardcover)
D.P. Cruikshank (Editor)
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Detailed Description

1249 pgs, 1995, University of Arizona Press
ISBN 978-0816515257

The goal of the 1992 Space Science Series conference that produced this book was to present a complete, detailed view of Neptune and its entire system of rings and satellites. Nearly 100 authors collaborated, combining information gathered over many years from Earth with data collected from Voyager 2's flyby, to show the complexity of the Neptune system, its comparisons with and relationships to the other large gassy planets, and what it reveals about the origin and evolution of the Solar System. The book relies on diagrams and graphs, with only a few photographs and a small "color section," to help paint its portrait of this giant.


Part I - Introduction
  1. Prelude to Exploration and the Voyager Mission to Neptune
  2. The Discoveries of Neptune and Triton
  3. Formation of the Neptune System
  4. The Interior of Neptune

    Part II - Magnetic Field and Plasmas
  5. Neptune's Magnetic Field and Field-Geometric Properties
  6. Energetic Particles and Hot Plasmas of Neptune
  7. Magnetospheric Configuration of Neptune
  8. The Plasma Environment of Neptune
  9. Radio Emissions from Neptune
  10. Plasma Waves and Related Phenomena in the Magnetosphere of Neptune

    Part III - Atmosphere of Neptune
  11. The Middle and Upper Atmosphere of Neptune
  12. Clouds and Hazes in the Atmosphere of Neptune
  13. The Troposphere of Neptune
  14. Dynamic Meteorology of Neptune

    Part IV - Small Satellites
  15. Neptune's Small Satellites

    Part V - Rings
  16. Neptune's Ring System

    Part VI - Triton
  17. Origin and Evolution of Triton
  18. The Geology of Triton
  19. Triton's Plumes: Discovery, Characteristics, and Models
  20. Surface Composition and Photometric Properties of Triton
  21. Lower Atmospheric Structure and Surface-Atmosphere Interaction on Triton
  22. Triton's Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere

    Part VII - Missions
  23. Future Neptune and Triton Missions
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