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Micropropulsion for Small Spacecraft [Michael M. Micci and Andrew D. Ketsdever, 2000] (hardcover)
Michael M. Micci and Andrew D. Ketsdever
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477 pgs, 2000, AIAA
ISBN 978-1563474484

A broad summary of micropropulsion systems. Includes summaries of micropropulsion options for spacecraft, systems design considerations, and detailed discussions of electrothermal, electrostatic, and electromagnetic thrusters and components.


    1. Micropropulsion Options for the TechSat21 Space-Based Radar Flight
    2. University Micro-/Nanosatellite as a Micropropulsion Testbed
    3. Thruster Options for Microspacecraft: A Review and Evaluation of State-of-the-Art and Emergine Technologies
    4. System Considerations and Design Options for Microspacecraft Propulsion Systems
    5. Predicted Performance and Systems Analysis of the Free Molecule Micro-Resistojet
    6. Study of Very Low-Power Arcjects
    7. Low-Power Microwave Arcjet Testing: Plasma and Plume Diagnostics and Performance Evaluation
    8. Vaporizing Liquid Microthruster Concept: Preliminary Results of Initial Feasability Studies
    9. Fifty-Watt Hall Thruster for Microsatellites
    10. Development and Testing of a Low-Power Hall Thruster System
    11. Performance of Field Emission Cathodes in Xenon Electric Propulsion System Environments
    12. Electric Breakdown Characterisitcs of Silicon Dioxide Films for Use in Microfabricated Ion Engine Accelerator Grids
    13. Pulsed Plasma Thruster Performance for Microspacecraft Propulsion
    14. Pulsed Plasma Thrusters for Microsatellite Propulsion: Techniques for Optimization
    15. Laboratory Investigation of Pulsed Plasma Thrusters with Gas Valves
    16. Fabrication and Testing of Micron-Sized Cold-Gase Thrusters
    17. Micro-Isolation Valve Concept: Initial Results of a Feasibility Study
    18. Space-Charge-Limited Emission for Field Emission Cathodes for Electric Propulsion and Tether Applications
    19. Review and Applicability Assessment of MEMS-Based Microvalve Technologies for Microspacecraft Propulsion
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