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Mathematical Methods in Defense Analyse - 3rd Ed. [Przemieniecki, 2000] (hardcover)
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Detailed Description

This text presents the various mathematical methods used in military operations research in one easy-to-use reference volume.

The reader will find the calculations necessary to analyze all aspects of defense operations, from weapon performance to combat modeling. The text is so clearly written and organized that even newcomers to the field will find it useful.

Included with the text is an updated version of Defense Analyses Software, a compendium of software subroutines that allow the reader to compute numerical values for functions or tables derived in the text. Each subroutine is provided with a detailed reference to the equation from which it was derived to ensure that its intended application is consistent with the assumptions used in the derivation. The 2nd Edition included a new chapter on optimization methods with several typical examples showing applications of linear programming. The 3rd Edition has a new chapter on the theater missile defense based on the concept of layered defense with different strategies of allocating defense interceptors against short- or mid-range ballistic missiles.

This text is a highly recommended reference for defense analysts, researchers, and professionals entering the field of military operations research
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