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Krafft Ehricke's Extraterrestrial Imperative [Marsha Freeman, 2008] (softcover)
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A summation of Krafft Ehricke’s work on encouraging the exploration of space, this account offers biographic information on the man himself; encompasses details of his new, innovative ideas; and portrays his thoughts on the importance and value of space travel for society. Providing an understanding of the early history of the space pioneers, what they helped accomplish, and how Ehricke's vision came to fruition, this reference details the continuing need for a creation of a long-term vision for the exploration of space. Historic and yet topical, this resource also includes many of Ehricke’s original works, many of which were previously out of print.

Table of Contents
A Life in Space
The First Rocket to Reach Space
Expedition Ares to Mars
Families of Space Vehicles
The Power of Reason
Father of the Centaur
Precursors to Men in Space
The First Space Stations
The Universe is Run by Nuclear Energy
The Metaprobe: A Spacecraft Fleet Space For Better Health and Fun
The Space Program Under Attack
Are There Limits to Growth?
The Extraterrestrial Imperative
The Shuttle: Umbilical to Space
Light and Power from Space
3-Dimensional Civilization
Camaraderie of Cosmonauts and Astronauts
Earth’s Seventh Continent
The Dignity of Man
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