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Islands in the Sky [Stanley Schmidt and Robert Zubrin, 1996] (softcover)
Stanley Schmidt and Robert Zubrin (Editors)
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  266 pgs, 1996, John Wiley & Sons
  ISBN 978-0471135616

The editors have gathered proposals for interstellar travel and colonization from writers, researchers, and engineers, as published in Analog magazine, to create this provocative, fun-filled book. However, articles cover marketing and legal issues as well as scientific matters, with no shortage of diagrams, equations and photographs. This book makes a case for why space exploration still needs government, industrial, and popular support to turn "impossible" ideas into everyday realities.


          Part One: Breaking the Bonds of the Earth

  1. Comes the Revolution
  2. The Hypersonic Skyhook

    Part Two: Stepping Into the Solar System
  3. Mars Direct: A Proposal for the Rapid Exploration and Colonization of the Red Planet
  4. Inward Ho!
  5. Colonizing the Outer Solar System
  6. Islands in the Sky: Human Exploration and Settlement of the Oort Cloud
  7. Alien Life Between Here and the Stars

    Part Three: Creating New Worlds
  8. Terraforming Mars
  9. A Planet Dweller's Dreams
  10. Astrophysical Engineering and the Fate of the Earth

    Part Four: Advanced Drives and Interstellar Travel
  11. To the Stars!
  12. The Magnetic Sail
  13. The Tachyon Drive: Infinite Exhaust
  14. The Negative Matter Space Drive
  15. The Economics of Interstellar Commerce
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