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Introduction to Satellite Communication - 3rd Ed. [Elbert, 2008] (hardcover)
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Whether you are a technical or management professional, you can turn to this highly understandable and comprehensive overview of satellite technology, applications, and management. Thoroughly updated and expanded, this third edition boasts a wealth of new material, including added coverage of systems engineering as applied to satellite communications, clear explanations of all aspects of building and using a satellite systems, and discussions on digital communications and processing in modern satellite networks. The new edition also examines critical success factors and how to avoid the pitfalls in selecting satellite and ground resources.

The book covers all the fundamentals of satellites, ground control systems, and earth stations, considering the design and operation of each major segment. You gain a practical understanding of the basic construction and usage of commercial satellite networks--how parts of a satellite system function, how various components interact, which role each component plays, and which factors are the most critical to success. Moreover, the book explores the economic, legal, and management issues involved in running the business of satellite communications.

1. Fundamentals of Satellite Systems
2. Evolution of Satellite Communication
3. Satellite Network Architectures
4. Microwave Link Engineering
5. Modulation, Multiple Access, and Impairments
6. Spacecraft and Repeater
7. Spacecraft Antennas
8. Spacecraft Mission and Bus Subsystems
9. Earth Stations and Network Technology
10. Launch Vehicles and Services
11. Satellite Operations and Organization
12. Satellite Systems Engineering and Economics
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