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International Reference Guide to Space Launch Systems - 4th Ed. [Isakowitz, 2004] (softcover)
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A reference with details on launch programs in Brazil, China, Europe, India, Israel, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States. Packed with illustrations and figures, this edition has updated, expanded, and standardized performance data. New Features: New systems included are Angara, Beal's BA-2, Delta III and IV, H-IIA, VLS, LeoLink, Minotaur, Soyuz 2, Strela, Proton M, Atlas III and V, Dnepr, Kistler's K-1, Shtil, with details on Sea Launch using the Zenit vehicle. Updated flight records with added details (e.g. payload mass, delivery orbit, manifest type). More detailed failure descriptions. Reorganized alphabetically by system to reflect the international cooperation in vehicle development, marketing, and operation. SI units used throughout. There is a chapter on spaceports, with detailed maps. Standard sections describe each of the launch systems in detail, including: one-page vehicle summaries, cost, availability, performance graphs for a variety of orbits, flight history and failure descriptions, vehicle design and technical data, payload accommodations, production and launch operations, and vehicle history.
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