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Heavenly Ambitions [Johnson-Freese, 2009] (hardcover)
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"Heavenly Ambitions should be read by everyone who makes policy, or who thinks seriously about policy. By highlighting dangers such as confusing desirability with feasibility and ignoring the increasingly global nature of space, Johnson-Freese points out key pitfalls of the current U.S. approach to space policy, and suggests a more productive way forward."-David Wright, Union of Concerned Scientists "Joan Johnson-Freese clearly identifies the present state of America's space program, the critical issues and challenges the United States faces, the urgent need for action, and the course the United States should follow in its future endeavors in space. Heavenly Ambitions is a book that should be read and heeded by all those involved in the making of this nation's policies in space."-George Abbey, former director, NASA Johnson Space Center

Table of Contents
Ch. 1: Space: The Final Cold War Frontier
Ch. 2: The Evolution of U.S. Space Policy
Ch. 3: Space Weapons: Fact and Fiction
Ch. 4: Strategic Communications: What Message Is the United States Trying
Ch. 5: Diplomacy and Arms Control: Limits and Opportunities
Ch. 6: Globalizing Space
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