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Handbook of Cost Engineering and Design of Space Transportation - Rev. 4C with *TransCostModel 8.2 [Koelle, 2013] (softcover)
Statistical-Analytical Model for Cost Estimation and Economical Optimization of Launch Vehicles
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Detailed Description

Handbook of Cost Engineering and Design of Space Transportation Systems - Rev.4C including the detailed description of the TransCost Model, Version 8.2  (Statistical-analytical model for Cost Estimation and Economical Optimization of Launch Vehicles)          

264 pages, softbound, 236 Figures and charts (+ 24 % compared to the last Edition ! ),  38 Tables, 172 references

*Contains no software

The TransCost models use historical project data from conventional launch systems and extrapolate it to future, reusable launch systems. This new edition has expanded its data base to comprise over 50 years of international project costs.The Handbook has been completely revised, updated and supplemented. An important new subject are characteristics and cost implications of commercial projects - in contrast to governmental BAU contracts. Other new chapters deal with transportation costs to the ISS and cost impacts of subcontractorship. Several other chapters have been improved and a number of new pictures added, thus improving the use as a Launch Systems Design Handbook.

Ch. 1: Launch Vehicle Design and Cost Engineering 
Ch. 2: Development Costs (Engines and Vehicle Systems)
Ch. 3: Vehicles' and Engines' Production Costs
Ch. 4: Ground and Flight Operations Costs
Ch. 5: Launch Services: Cost per Flight (CpF), Pricing and Major Cost Impact Factors 
Ch. 6: Specific Transportation Costs, Life Cycle Cost and Lunar Missions Costs 
Ch. 7: Cost Engineering Application Examples
Ch. 8: List of References and Subject Index
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