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Gossamer Spacecraft: Membrane and Inflatable Structures Technology for Space Applications [Christopher H. M. Jenkins, 2001] (hardcover)
Christopher H. M. Jenkins
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586 pgs, 2001, AIAA
ISBN 978-1563474033

With increased pressure to reduce costs associated with design, fabrication, and launch of space structures, there has been a resurgence in interest for membrane structures for extraterrestrial use. Applications for membrane and inflatable structures in space include lunar and planetary habitats, radio frequency reflectors and wave guides, optical and infrared imaging, solar concentrators for solar power and propulsion, sun shades, solar sails, and may others. The text begins with a broad overview and historical review of the technologies, proceeds to theoretical discussion of the mechanics and physics, ad then proceeds into current applications and case studies.


    1. Overview of Gossamer Studies
    2. History of Relevant Inflatable High-Precision Space Structures Technology Developments
    3. Mechanics of Membrane Structures
    4. Fundamenals of Membrane Optics
    5. Modeling the Deployment of Inflatable Space Structures
    6. Materials for Inflatables in Space
    7. Rigidization Mechanisms and Materials
    8. Atomic Oxygen Effects on Space Inflatable Materials
    9. Solar Ultraviolet and Space Radiation Effects on Inflatable Models
    10. Electromagnetic Properties of Thin Metallized Materials
    11. Multidisciplinary Testing of Thin-Film Inflatable Structures
    12. Rigidization Materials Testing
    13. Electromagnetic Testing of Thin Metalized Materials
    14. Inflation Systems
    15. Deployment Control Mechanisms and Packaging Methodologies for Inflatable and Membrane Space Structures
    16. Mission Concepts and Systems: Space Inflatable Radiometer System Control
    17. Radar Applications
    18. Inflatable Solar Arrays
    19. Gossamer Sailcraft Technology
    20. Solar Shades
    21. Inflatable Habitats
    22. Advanced Concepts
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