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Frontiers of Propulsion Science [Millis, 2009] (hardcover)
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Ch. 1: Recent History of Breakthrough Propulsion Studies
Ch. 2: Limits of Interstellar Flight Technology
Ch. 3: Prerequisites for Space Drive Science
Ch. 4: Review of Gravity Control Within Newtonian and General Relativistic Physics
Ch. 5: Gravitational Experiments with Superconductors: History and Lessons
Ch. 6: Nonviable Mechanical “Antigravity” Devices
Ch. 7: Null Findings of Yamashita Electrogravitational Patent
Ch. 8: ChForce Characterization of Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters in Air
Ch. 9: Experimental Findings of Asymmetrical Capacitor Thruster for Various Gasses and Pressures
Ch. 10: Propulsive Implications of Photon Momentum in Media
Ch. 11: Experimental Results of the Woodward Effect on a Micro-Newton Thrust Balance
Ch. 12: Thrusting Against the Quantum Vacuum
Ch. 13: Inertial Mass from Stochastic Electrodynamics
Ch. 14: Relativistic Limits of Spaceflight
Ch. 15: Faster-than-Light Approaches in General Relativity
Ch. 16: Faster-than-Light Implications of Quantum Entanglement and Nonlocality
Ch. 17: Comparative Space Power Baselines
Ch. 18: On Extracting Energy from the Quantum Vacuum
Ch. 19: Investigating Sonoluminescence as a Means of Energy Harvesting
Ch. 20: Null Tests of “Free-Energy” Claims
Ch. 21: General Relativity Computational Tools and Conventions for Propulsion
Ch. 22: Prioritizing Pioneering Research
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