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Essential Spaceflight Dynamics and Magnetospherics [Rauschenbakn, Ovchinnikov and McKenna-Lawlor, 2003] (hardcover)
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978-1402010637, 2003
Springer/Microcosm Press

"Empirical research often lacks theory. This book progressively works out a method of constructing models which can bridge the gap between empirical and theoretical research in the social sciences. This might improve the explanatory power of models. The issue is quite novel, and it benefited from a thorough examination of statistical and mathematical models, conceptual models, diagrams and maps, machines, computer simulations, and artificial neural networks. These modelling practices have been approached through different disciplines. The proposed method is partly inspired by reverse engineering. The standard covering law approach is abandoned, and classical induction restored to its rightful place. It helps to solve several difficulties which impact upon the social sciences today, for example how to extend an explanatory model to new phenomena, how to establish laws, and how to guide the choice of a conceptual structure. The book can be used for advanced courses in research methods in the social sciences and in philosophy of science."

Ch. 1: Two-Body Problem
Ch. 2: Qualitative Analysis of Orbits
Ch. 3: Perturbed Motion
Ch. 4: Gravispheres
Ch. 5: Osculating Elements
Ch. 6: Braking in the Earth's Atmosphere
Ch. 7: Terrestial Nonsphericity
Ch. 8: SC in the Field of Two Centers
Ch. 9: Elements of Manoeuvring Theory
Ch. 10: Trajectory Corrections
Ch. 11: Rendezvous Manoeuvring
Ch. 12: Gravity-Assist Manoeuvre
Ch. 13: About Orbit determination
Ch. 14: Introduction to Attitude Control
Ch. 15: Gravity-Gradient Torque Effect
Ch. 16: SC Motion in a Circular Orbit
Ch. 17: SC Motion in an Elliptical Orbit
Ch. 18: Spinning Axisymmetric SC
Ch. 19: Equilibrium of a Gyrostat
Ch. 20: Effect of Aerodynamic Torque
Ch. 21: SC in the Geomagnetic Field
Ch. 22: Motion of a SC Under Damping
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