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Entering Space: Creating a Spacefaring Civilization [Zubrin, 2000] (softcover)
Robert Zubrin
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305 pgs, 2000, New York: Tarcher/Putnam
ISBN 978-1585420360

Zubrin, called "The Tom Paine of Space," uses history and common-sense engineering to present possibilities for exploration and colonization of our solar system and beyond.

The internationally renowned astronautical engineer, whose humans-to-Mars mission plan was recently adapted by NASA, surveys reusable rocketry, ideal locations for initial colonies, mining asteroids, interstellar travel, and contact with other intelligent lifeforms.

"Entering Space as a plan for the human future is unique in being both visionary and tecnically sound. It is a call to adventure and a plan for our future."
--Chris McKay, scientist, NASA Center for Mars Exploration

"Zubrin shows how a flight to Mars has progressed from fantasy to ... a reality that can be achieved by us. Zubrin is showing us the way."
--Buzz Aldrin


TYPE 1: Completing Global Civilizations

  1. On the Threshold of the Universe
  2. The Age of Dinosaurs
  3. The New Space Race
  4. Doing Business on Orbit

TYPE 2: Creating a Spacefaring Civilization

  1. The View from the Moon
  2. Mars: The New World
  3. Asteroids for Good and Evil
  4. Settling the Outer Solar System

TYPE 3: Entering Galactic Civilization

  1. The Challenge of Interstellar Travel
  2. Extraordinary Engineering
  3. Meeting ET
  4. North to the Stars

Appendix: Founding Declaration of the Mars Society

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