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Energy Crisis: Solution from Space [Nansen, 2009] (softcover)
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Presenting a bold solution for global climate change and dependence on oil—and the threat of war over its diminishing supply—this visionary reference explores how developing solar energy could bring about unprecedented economic prosperity and opportunity on a global scale. By using existing technology in revolutionary ways, this new energy plan would have the potential to create jobs and revitalize the economy while offering a clean, affordable, and long-term solution. Asserting that the current generation can develop this innovative energy source to change the world economically, environmentally, and politically for the better, this stunning guide offers an unexpected new hope for the future.

1. Our Troubled World
2. The Energy Eras
3. Solar Power Satellites Begin
4. Our Energy Situation Today
5. Global Warming
6. What If?
7. The Solution
8. The Fourth Energy Era
9. A Development Plan
10. What Others Think
11. What is Next?
12. Stopping Energy Wars
13. Bring Energy to the Entire World
14. The Plugged in Earth
15. Satellite Technology Today
16. Our Future
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