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Cost Effective Space Mission Operations [Daryl G. Boden, Gael Squibb and Wiley G. Larson - 2006] (softcover)
Daryl G. Boden, Gael Squibb and Wiley G. Larson
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2nd Edition, 829 pgs, 2006, McGraw-Hill
ISBN 978-0073313214

The goal of this book is to provide processes, tools, and data that can make space mission operations more efficient and cost effective. It puts you in the position of a mission operations manger who is responsible for the early planning stages, designing the mission operations system and conducting daily operations. This book defines a process that helps you translate mission objectives and requirements into a viable mission operations concept. As mission operations manager, you must develop this operations concept early enough during concept exploration so the project manager can trade future cost of operations with current development costs.

Chapters 1 and 2 describe how the mission operations element blends in with the other elements of a space mission. Chapters 3 through 7 describe the thirteen mission operations functions, provide a process for developing a mission operations concept, present a model for evaluating the cost and complexity of conducting operations, and explain how to define and develop a mission operations system. Chapters 8 through 16 describe how we conduct routine, launch and early orbit, and special operations; plan and analyze the mission; and transport and process data. Finally, the last four chapters describe how we conduct interplanetary, international, microsatellite, and crewed mission operations, as well as the main differences between these missions and Earth-orbiting, uncrewed missions.

This book is intended for professionals and students involved in space systems engineering and space operations, including program managers, mission operations managers, spacecraft engineers and designers, project scientists, and operators. It's suitable as a textbook for a course in space mission operations, a supplementary text in other courses, or as a professional reference.


    1. Space Mission Operations
    2. Designing Space Mission Operations
    3. Mission Operations Functions
    4. Developing a Mission Operations Concept
    5. Assessing Operations Complexity
    6. Defining and Developing the Mission Operations System
    7. Activity Planning
    8. Conducting Space Mission Operations
    9. Launch and Early-Orbit (L&EO) Operations
    10. Space Navigation and Maneuvering
    11. Communications Architecture
    12. Ground Systems
    13. Processing Data and Generating Science-Data Products
    14. Assessing Payload Operations
    15. Spacecraft Performance and Analysis
    16. Spacecraft Anomalies
    17. Interplanetary Space Mission Operations
    18. International Space Mission Operations
    19. Microsatellite Mission Operations
    20. Human Space Flight Operations
      App. A Communications Frequency Bands
      App. B Mission Summaries
    21. FireSat                 
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