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Control of Spacecraft and Aircraft [Arthur E. Bryson, Jr., 1994] (hardcover)
Arthur E. Bryson, Jr.
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378 pgs, 1994 Princeton University Press
ISBN 978-0691087825

Bryson's comprehensive treatment of automatic control logic design emphasizes mathematical modeling throughout and describes the linear-quadratic-regulator (LQR) method of feedback control synthesis. The first half of the book concerns control systems, such as momentum wheels and gimbaled engines, while the second half is about aircraft attitude and flight path control.The text is enhanced by 19 tables and more than 200 figures, as well as 6 appendices summarizing analysis, synthesis, simulation, and modeling.


    1. Natural Motions of Rigid Spacecraft
    2. Spacecraft Sensors and Attitude Determination
    3. Attitude Control with Thrusters
    4. Attitude Control with Reaction Wheels
    5. Attitude Stabilization with Spin
    6. Attitude Control with a Gimbaled Momentum Wheel
    7. Attitude Control during Thrust Maneuvers
    8. Control of Translational Motions
    9. Flexibility and Fuel Slosh
    10. Natural Motions of Rigid Aircraft
    11. Aircraft Sensors
    12. Control of Longitudinal Motions of Aircraft
    13. Control of Lateral Motions of Aircraft
    14. Control of Helicopters near Hover
    15. Aeroelastic Systems
    16. Appendix A: Linear System Representations
    17. Appendix B: Steady-State Control
    18. Appendix C: Synthesis of Analog Control Logic
    19. Appendix D: Synthesis of Digital Control Logic
    20. Appendix E: Simulation
    21. Appendix F: Modeling Flexible Systems
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